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Overview: The EAGLO-net (the East African Great Lakes Observatory network) is being launched and focuses on developing instruments to support national, regional and international efforts to sustainably and adaptively manage the ecosystem services provided by the African Lakes for the benefit of the populations in Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Mozambique and Ethiopia. These instruments will specifically provide stakeholders with the tools necessary to manage and adapt to future scenarios of climate change, evolving socio-economic conditions and cultural legacy. 

Specific scientific objectives are: 1) to create regionally based protocols and approaches for the sustained integrated monitoring of natural and human resource quality and ecosystem functioning; 2) to initiate a comparative analysis of the African Great Lakes through an improved access to ecological, sociological and economic data and knowledge; 3) to develop lake models to examine future scenarios in relation to perceived regional climate and socio-economic variations.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Evaluating the analysis of historical and current climate variability and change and its effects on lakes and their adjacent systems.
  • Advisory board for establishment of Center of Excellence for socio-ecology Great Lakes Region East Africa.
  • Scientific disciplines involved (Limnology, geology, hydrology, meteorology, socio-economy).
  • Scenario conceptual analyses (climate change, socio-biophysics, Monitoring and assessment).
  • Setting strategy for multisectoral data and information Dissemination through EAGLOnet website.
  • Liaisoning with NGOs, Multinationals, SMEs, Governmental bodies and knowledge sector.

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